I Wrote You A Poem

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’ve been thinking a lot about the women that I work with. The women accomplishing BOLD things in this world and in
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Three Lessons I learned from picking up tennis in my 40’S

LESSON #1  Don’t decide ahead of time that you can’t  make the shot.  I hate to admit that in the beginning, I didn’t go after a ball that was hit hard or
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“If you stop now, you won’t get to witness the miracles!”

“If you stop now, you won’t get to witness the miracles!” That thought came over and over as I was planning and preparing for the marketing of THE RISING TIDE Retreat + Mastermind.
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Are You Giving Your Wants A Seat at the Table?

I CAN BET YOU’RE NOT IF YOU’RE FEELING… overwhelmed like you’re being pulled in too many directions scared to take time off for fear that something terrible will happen afraid to ask
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Are You Wasting Time Doing This?

One of the most significant time wasters (physically and mentally) we indulge in is redeciding a decision we’ve already made. What might this look like? Deciding to wake up at 6:15 am
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