60% More Success

Hey Friend! I’m very new to tennis, and my husband, he hits a lot of corner shots that I just can’t get. Determined to
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This is my most requested recipe!

In 2020 my daughter graduating from high school, received a DM. “I know this is going to sound silly, but remember that soup you had at your 6th-grade murder mystery dinner party,
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I Hate When People Say This

I hate when people say,  “just lower your expectations!” I grew up in a house where we HAD to clean bathrooms every day before school.   As a young mom with three
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I was never late, AND I still felt terrible

“MOM, WHY ARE WE ALWAYS LATE?” When my then, three year old asked me that, my prideful blood began to boil. I could feel my brain steaming, seriously, steaming! “We are NEVER
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This is the most important thing when creating a schedule…

Have you ever woken up early, looked at what you had to do that day, and then felt instant overwhelm, anxiety, or even dread? Can you even imagine what it would feel
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