The Power Of Priorities with Tyson Bradley

I recently had a conversation with Tyson Bradley on his podcast, The Inherent Identity.

A few days before we recorded, Tyson threw me a curveball. He asked me to, “ask God what I don’t yet know about priorities that he wants me to know.”

I uncovered some fresh insights that really expanded my insights, and I shared them on this podcast.

If you’re looking to shave some time off your schedule and have more clarity, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Scheduling Your TRUE Priorities with Jamelyn Stephan

On this podcast “Want To Want It” with Jamelyn Stephen, I introduce a new concept to help you save time!  It’s knowing the difference between SOFT and TRUE priorities.  We also talk about life  balance, the best morning routines, and even the best schedules.  

Decision Making Drama with Kamden Hainsworth​

On this episode, I explore the concept of “Decision Making Drama,” particularly its impact on individuals with ADHD. We discuss practical insights to combat decision fatigue, from simplifying choices and implementing automation to establishing routines and setting deadlines. We emphasize the importance of aligning decisions with values, and I introduce the SOFT framework for making informed choices. Listen to learn actionable strategies for effective decision-making and a more balanced life.

Leading with Your Strengths in Business & Motherhood with Danielle Vaughn

On this podcast, I share things you need to know about managing entrepreneurship and motherhood with more confidence. Danielle and I discussed how our beliefs shape our reality in both roles, what it feels like when you find balance in your schedule, and some of the ways you can lead with your strengths.

What You’ll Learn on this Episode: 

  • What leading with your strengths means and how to be more aware of yours.
  • How Ceri’s background as a special-ed curriculum creator has helped her in her work as a business strategy coach.
  • Why Ceri saw a need to help mothers balance their dream businesses with motherhood.
  • What changes when you understand what your own strengths are, and how to stop comparing yourself to others’ strengths.
  • How your Time Management is unique and can be tailored specifically to your needs.
  • Why your brain’s beliefs about being successful in motherhood AND business can set you up for success.
  • How to work with Ceri if you are wanting help with Time Management and business strategy.

Using AI in Your Business with Brittni Schroeder

If you’ve ever wondered how AI can save you time in your business, get you better results, AND faster this episode is for you. 
If you want to dive deeper into this powerful information, please check out my video “Five Ways You Can Save Time in Your Business Using the Power of AI.”

3 in 30 How to Maximize your Time as a Busy Mom with Rachel Nielson

If you crave simple ideas to save time more fully, pursue your interest and goals, and gain time to grow your business, this episode is for you. ⁣⁠

If you want to feel more balanced and less overwhelmed in your day, use these three tips discussed in the podcast to help you achieve the balance you are craving.

The Unending Importance of Priority Management with Nate Wilde

The key to building a successful business lies in strengthening your self-belief and aligning your business with your true priorities. ⁠

No external tool or “how to” roadmap can compensate for your lack of self-belief to succeed.⁠

Why Time & Productivity Coach Ceri Payne Prefers Email Marketing with Ken Countess​

Are you struggling to achieve success in your business/career and personal life? 

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Everything Email Podcast hosted by Ken Countess.  

On this podcast, I shared my top three essential resources for creating business success. The good news, these resources don’t cost a dime! 

I also shared my proudest achievement from my business endeavor and the answer surprised me, so I bet it will surprise you too!

Identify Your Priorities and Create a Life You Love with Linda Mendible​

This podcast is full of helpful entrepreneur topics. We discussed the two things mompreneurs should focus on – priorities and their true desires for life and business.  We talked about leading with your strengths, how to show up and be your true, confident self, and how to become more comfortable in the discomfort! 

Finding Balance in Motherhood with Emily Wardrop

This episode is dedicated to finding the balance in motherhood. You will learn about emotion stacking, managing expectations, how to navigate unforeseen circumstances, and what balance truly is and how it’s possible for you no matter your season of life.

Knowing your "Needle Movers" with Laura Cragun​

Are you having wedding day thoughts about your business?

• “This is going to be amazing!”
• “This is the best idea!”
• “This is going to be such a success!”

Leading with confidence helps us more easily succeed and allows us to be more of what we are meant to be.

What is confidence, your needle movers, priorities, and the value of wedding day thoughts are discussed in this podcast, “Knowing Your Needle Movers”

The importance of those things above, and how to identify them in your motherhood and business, is discussed in this podcast I guest recorded with Laura Cragun.

Make Your Biz FUN & Simple with Jill the Money Coach

We are talking about all things creating a Successful Business in this podcast!

We touch on priorities, why they are important in business and how knowing them helps you make money! 

We also talk about, what to include (and not include) in your schedule for a successful business, how to think about your business differently, how to stay focused on you and your results, and how to create the business rules that motivate and excite you!  

Priorities and Productivity with Crystal Noelle

“The key to simplifying everything is knowing the result you want from that thing being a priority.”

If you’re ready to save time & discover the value and power of productivity and how to align them with your priorities, this episode that I guest recorded with The Parenting Coaching is a must listen.

In this episode, we discuss:  
• How to identify your personal priorities and align them with your life
• How to do more by taking on less
• How to go to bed at night feeling fulfilled and connected
• How to discover your true priorities

Habits That Support Your Strengths with Jason Harwood​

When you create habits and set goals from your strengths, it’s so much easier to EXPECT to succeed!

On this episode of Happily Ever Habits we discussed:
• How to discover your strengths
• The benefits of using your strengths to build habits
• The best process for identifying a new key habit
• And how to stay consistent and overcome obstacles when working towards your goals

Please click the button below to listen to this episode. 

Latest Tips for Time Management and Goal Setting for Women with Connie Sokol

Are you feeling the desire to set new goals or reach new levels of business success but worry about the sacrifice and time it may take?  

In this episode, I help you gain the tools and insights to go after your dreams and grow a business without sacrificing your family and other important roles.

Leading with Your Strengths to Build Confidence in your Business and Life with Brittany Bennion
What would change if you expected to succeed? On this podcast, I talk about leading with your strengths to create faster business growth and increase your confidence?
You can take all of the business courses, learn all the tips, and tricks to be successful, but if you don’t believe in yourself to succeed, those things will be of little value. 

Listen to the podcast to learn:

• The benefits of leading with our strengths 
• The concept of hiring out or doing without 
• How to identify your strengths and needle movers in your business. 

Should I Have a Summer Schedule on Parenting In Real Life with Alan and Alexis Tanner

As a current time management organizational coach for entrepreneurs and a past special education teacher, I often get asked these two questions in the month of May.

1. Should I have a summer schedule for my children?
2. What should my summer schedule look like for myself and my family?

The answer I give is not yes or no, it is more a series of questions to think through to discover the solution for you.

Listen to this podcast I recorded with Parenting In Real Life to find out if you should create a summer schedule and, if so, the best way to create one that complements your family’s values and priorities.

Setting Goals from Your Strengths with Jen Riday​

Knowing WHY you want to set a goal is MORE POWERFUL than setting the actual goal. ⁠

Check out the entire episode, “Setting Goals From Your Strengths”⁠ that I guest recorded with Dr. Jen Riday on her podcast, Vibrant Happy Women.⁣⁣

Ceri's Secret Sauce for Time Management with Annie Joy

If you’re tired of mom guilt, constantly running out of time, and exhausted trying to fit everything into your day, this episode is for you. We discuss mom guilt, how to solve for it, how to discover your priorities, owning your strengths and the mom you, and so much more.

Self-Belief, Prioritizing, & Doing it Your Way with Felicia Broccolo & Stacy Luckey

On the podcast Confessions of a GoalGetter, I discussed the most critical factor I feel you must have to achieve a goal successfully!

We also talked about goal setting from our strengths, with self-belief, setting them from our priorities, and the value of reaching a goal your way! 

How to Overcome Perfectionism with Misty Marsh

Having someone negatively critique your work is not the WORST that can happen. ⁠

The worst thing that can happen is not having the impact on this world that you could have if you weren’t too afraid or focused on perfection to put your work out there. ⁠

How to Accomplish Any Goal on Built to Last Businesses with Michelle Gifford

What are the four valuable areas to focus on when setting and reaching business goals last?

1. Be aware of your mindset and self-belief
2. Get clear with your priorities
3. Recognize and lead with your strengths
4. Invest in yourself

To listen to the episode I recorded with Michelle Gifford,  click the button below. 
Permission to Pursue Your Dreams and Passions with Alan and Alexis Tanner

Do you have a dream or desire that you REALLY want to accomplish? ⁠

As parents, we often put off our dreams on hold for the dreams of others. When we ignore our burning desires, it often makes us feel empty or dissatisfied. ⁠

I believe, if we were given the desire, we were also given the creativity, talents, time, and abilities to make it happen!⁠

This podcast I recorded with Alan and Alexis Tanner @parentingirlpodcast answers many questions, hesitations, fears, and addressed how to make following your desires possible without sacrificing the roles you value in life

If you want “Permission to Pursue Your Deams and Passions” and to learn how that’s possible for you with maybe with even a lack of time and money, click below to listen to the podcast. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder with Thriving with 8

Is finding balance a myth for moms or can it be a reality?   Hear my answer on the Thriving with 8 Podcast. Also hear about what a successful schedule really is and how to create it!  This podcast is full of ways to save time and mental energy by creating intentional and flexible schedules We maximum our time by planning what we want to do with our time. ⁣⁠Use the link below to learn more. 

Why Paying Attention to Your Desires Can Lead You to Great Things with Darla Trendler

In this interview, I share how a series of promptings helped me make major shifts in my career and how paying attention to my desires was a way to co-create with God and receive blessings I wasn’t even aware I needed. I discuss simple ways to turn our own desires into our reality without sacrificing the things we value most.

If you’ve ever been curious about how I went from a special education teacher (a career that I LOVED) to a six-figure, time-management, schedule and strategy business and life coach, that story is told in this podcast. ⁠

Diving Into Your Strengths in Motherhood with Lydia and Michelle

I coach business owners, many with ADHD, helping them intentionally structure their home, business, and schedules to create a life they love with enough time to be great mothers and wives while making good money in their business.

I create IEP’s (Individual Entrepreneurial Plans) for each of my clients to allow them to achieve a successful home life and business without sacrificing relationships, sleep, motherhood, or the things they value most.  

In this episode, we cover: 

• Prioritizing without sacrificing⁣
• Planning with purpose and from our priorities ⁣
• Creating a direction for realistic results in parenting and business⁣

How to Still Live your Best Life with a New ADHD Diagnosis with Monica Packer

Did you know that ADHD testing in women has increased by over 25% in the past two years? ⁠

Many informational websites for ADHD have an increased viewer rate of 60%. ⁠

The uncertainty of the past few years has really been the perfect storm to exacerbate symptoms for women who have always had ADHD (tendencies) but hadn’t yet been diagnosed.⁠

If you or someone close to you has ADHD, especially a more recent diagnosis, this podcast will be something you will want to check out! ⁠

The WHY of transformation: How One Simple Question Can Clear Up Space with Bridgette Heller

Feeling Overwhelmed? Sadly, most of us are, especially lately!

We get overwhelmed when we think we have too much happening at once. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, especially with your daily schedule, look at all the things on your schedule and ask yourself,

Why are these things on my schedule?

Another set of questions addressed in this podcast that can free up schedule space and reduce overwhelm,

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Why are you keeping each activity on your schedule?

Is the benefit worth the cost?

What are you afraid of if you remove that thing from your schedule?

Finding You on Your Journey with Rebecca Clark

When you uplevel yourself, it’s easy to see the weaknesses, and spend a lot of time focus on improving upon them.

However, the most progress can be found by focusing on strengthening your strengths AND working on limiting beliefs about yourself.

On this podcast I share my wisdom from years in the classroom about capitalizing on your strengths, pacing yourself on the journey, figuring out what you really want to accomplish or become, and uncovering the limiting beliefs about yourself that prevent you from offering up your best work.

People with ADHD and/or creative minds have an impact to leave in this world, and I don’t want us (and them) to miss out on all the amazing things they were born to teach, create, produce, and invent. ⁠

The insights shared in this podcast is applicable to all of us on the journey of personal development.

Building Teen Self Confidence with Collin Kartchner

“A confident person knows that they are important AND so is everyone else. They love themselves, which allows them to love others. A confident person that loves themselves adds value to the world.” ⁣⁣⁠
This helpful podcast is for parents and their children.⁣⁣⁠⁣⁣⁠ Be confident and feel free to share this post with anyone that you love. ⁣⁣⁠

How to Get Stuff Done with Brittney & Cassaundra

I feel frustrated or bored with my daily tasks it makes me wonder what I’m doing wrong.
There are a lot of days that I feel I was not efficient with my time, or that I have wasted the day even though I have had a full day and I am exhausted. So what am I missing?

• How knowing our properties helps us feel more fulfilled each day.
• Are to do list helpful?  How to make them helpful.
• What thoughts can keep us wanting to plan our time out and not feeling bored or confined by them?

Time and Money with Susie Pettit

If you want to learn how to have more control over time and money, this is the podcast for you. ⁣I discuss actionable steps for creating more time and money in your life. ⁣

• How does how we think about money impact our lives
• How does how we think about time get in the way of our dreams/impact our lives? 
• I’ve heard you refer to your relationship with money. What do you mean by that? How can someone have a relationship with money?
• What are the limiting stories we tell ourselves about money
• Why is it so hard for us to pursue our priorities?

Setting & Scheduling Your Priorities with Jen Riday

“You can tell your kids that they can be anything they want or you can show them.”

• Streamline processes to maximize my time
• To use time efficiently and with intention
• How to define your priorities 
• My morning routine, my favorite books, and life hacks!   

The Confidence to be Confident with Tawni Beardall and Erica Peterson

On this episode of the Becoming Podcast, we talked all about what self-confidence truly is and how to gain more of it.  I encourage you to give this episode a listen and since it’s a teen podcast, invite your children to listen along with you.

In this podcast we talked about:
•  What are practical ways that we can practice confidence?
• How confidence is a feeling that comes from our thoughts, not our actions.
• How to us self confidence as an attractive tool of influence to help you reach your goals no matter your age. 

Brooke White's IG Live

In Brooke White’s live Instagram video, we talked about how we met, connected and helped her being a successful mompreneur. We discussed the tools that will help you getting out of stuck,  creating motion and how to love yourself.

Some topics we discussed:
• What are your priorities in life
•  Finding the motivation
• What is the goal setting process

Tales from Teens - QuaranTEEN Edition with Camryn Payne, Tawni Beardall and Erica Peterson

On Becoming for Teens Podcast, ⁣We talk about emotions, grief, moving forward, having hope, the future, and staying motivated. ⁣

“What many of us are feeling is most likely grief. ⁣A loss of the things we are missing out on, loss of events we were expecting to attend, a loss of ‘normal life’, the days when we attended school, hung out with friends face to face, and dated.”

• How can we help teens (and even ourselves) understand our feelings and navigate through hard times?
• How can parents show up for their teens best?
• How can we know if our teens are grieving? What are the signs?
• How can we move forward, keep planning, keep dreaming even during times of uncertainty?   

How to Stay Grounded and Productive Amidst a Crisis with Lynette and Greg Sheppard

If you or your children have been struggling⁣ with #quarantinelife and daily pressures, personal goals, creating downtime, or regulating emotions, this podcast is for you. ⁣⁣

Some take away topics:
• The skills and mindsets to keep us grounded and productive.
• High school seniors, children’s emotions.
• Doing self-care while being with your family 24/7.

Behind the Scenes of our Quarantines with Extraordinary Moms

All the burning questions that you want to be asking your friends over a play date and a diet soda are answered in the podcast that I recorded with Jessica Dahlquist over at the Extraordinary Mom’s Podcast. 

In this episode we talked about: 
• How can I make time for myself during these challenging times? ⁣
• How do I cope with the extra anxiety? ⁣
• What’s the best way to approach this new activity we call homeschooling?⁣
• I can’t stop worrying that my child won’t be ready for the next grade. ⁣
• I feel inadequate about being responsible for my child’s education and their emotions. ⁣

If that above sounds like your inner worries, then you won’t want to miss this podcast.

How to Know When You've Done Enough Each Day with Monica Packer

Monica and I discussed balance, how’s it’s entirely possible and how you can know for you, when you’ve done enough at the end of each day. ⁣
This is one you certainly don’t want to miss, especially with most people trying to plan and prioritize a new schedule, a new normal, and new expectations.

• Is balance possible, and if so, how can we achieve it? 
• How can we know when we’ve done enough?  
• How the comparison trap is hurting us.

Getting Money Organized with Prosperity Gap Podcast

Spending money in your business, paying off debt, or saving money can feel stressful, challenging, and mentally taxing. ⁣⁣⁠It can also feel freeing, motivating, and liberating! ⁣⁣⁠What’s the story you tell yourself about money? ⁣⁠

• It’s never enough
• It’s hard to save 
• Working hard means more money⁣⁠
• Why do you want to pay off debt?
• Why do you want to save for a vacation?

How to Balance Mom-life, Work-life and Your life with Pam Maass

We talked about simple tips and tricks to balance mom life, work life, and your life. ⁣⁣⁠
⁣⁣Learn how to make hard things easier in this short, but impactful podcast. ⁣⁣⁠

What we discussed:
• Organization Tips for Working Moms
• Why do so any of us feel like our schedules are just too packed? 
• How to get out the door in the mornings. If I’m not on the ball, it can be so stressful!
• Mom guilt, how to balance work and mom life.
• Finding time for self-care and not feeling guilty about it
• Self-Care is a feeling we are after, not necessarily an ACTION we do

Four Keys To Keeping Your Sanity Intact And Your Goals On Track with Family Looking Up Podcast

We talked about a ton in this short podcast.⁣⁠
⁣• Navigating the deep emotional roller coaster, all the negative to gratitude feelings and all the ones in between.
• How to keep your business moving forward while the children are home.  
• Making every pocket of time count.

Which topics do you want to learn about?

Your Thoughts Determine Your Results with Monica Tanner

The most important lesson you’ve learned and how you have applied it to strengthen your marriage and move the needle forward in your business. 

• How to overcome that feeling that we’ve failed in our goals 
• How do you encourage people to make decisions and not be afraid to try. 
• How to be able to juggle the responsibilities of marriage, motherhood and your coaching business.

ADHD with Sami Halvorsen

I had the lucky opportunity to speak with Sami all about ADHD. On her podcast, we talked about ⁣⁠what #adhd is and how it’s diagnosed⁣⁠ what those with ADHD wish people without ADHD knew⁣⁠ along with tips, tricks, and strategies to help you become more successful with organization and goal setting. ⁣⁠

• Do you have ADHD or know someone who does? 
• What is ADHD and how do you know if you have it?
• What is it like to have ADHD? 
• What do those with ADHD want those without to know. 
• What are your tips for organization and goal setting? For teens with ADHD?