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A Page From My Journal

Page from my journal

My husband has now been out of work for an entire year.

This unexpected situation has prompted me to reflect deeply, asking myself,

“What am I learning from this past year while Dave has been without a job?”

The insights gained have been profound and transformative, and I feel compelled to share a few of them with you.


Even when the day-to-day feels like it’s “not working,” the bigger picture shows that it IS WORKING! Zooming out and noticing the larger picture has been a pleasant surprise for me. Making me see things working even better than I could have imagined.


Defining what you want is crucial to recognizing it when you get it. (And in many cases, realizing that what we seek, we already possess)


The unexpected can be scary. I can believe that it’s going to be horrible, awful, and devastating. Or I can believe that it will work out for the greater good. Neither is true (yet), so the latter opens doors and helps me focus on hope and creating trust.


This period has been an eye-opener for me, to the myriad of talents and skills we all possess, waiting to be explored and utilized. This has been a time to uncover more skills, talents, and desires. AND just because you can do something (and be good at it) doesn’t mean it’s your path.


I learned I could significantly impact my family financially, but I want my most significant influence and impact to be of an understanding, supportive, available, loving mother and wife. This has adjusted how I run my business and think about money.


God puts people in our path, even if it’s just for a very short time. We are taught, guided, and helped in many ways with each experience.


It’s okay not to know the how or what’s next. As a planner at heart, accepting uncertainty and placing my trust in God has been a challenging yet rewarding journey.


The Lord is in charge! After saying my prayers and listing my asks, I’ve learned to end with “or something better”. This allows God to bless me with what I truly need.

These insights have impacted me, and I hope they offer comfort, inspiration, and strength where you may need it right now.

As strong women, entrepreneurs, mothers, partners, and daughters, we are resilient women capable of adapting and thriving despite adversity.