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Five Simple Things to Know to Save You Time and Mental Energy

Value Your Time

These are the FIVE simple things you need to know to save time and energy and get results FASTER!

Numbers 5 and 6 might be my favorites! ⁠

The best five things you NEED TO KNOW to save time and mental energy and get results faster ARE… drum roll, please! ⁠

Your top 5 priorities! ⁠

That’s it! ⁠

But why are priorities so POWERFUL? ⁠

  1. When your priorities are clear, you know what to say yes to and what to say no to. ⁠
  2. When your priorities aren’t defined, you think everything is important, which leaves you saying yes to the things that don’t complement your priorities, contributing to you being over-scheduled and not getting the important things completed. ⁠
  3. Priorities help you set clear, intentional boundaries. When your priorities are defined, setting boundaries becomes easier. Whether it’s work hours, family time, or church commitments, knowing what’s essential allows you to stick to your boundaries, ensuring you’re giving your best (and your time) where it matters most.⁠
  4. When you don’t live by and schedule from your priorities, you are letting yourself down by not doing to the necessary actions to create the life/results you want. ⁠
  5. When you DO live by and schedule from your priorities, you don’t let anyone else down by
    • having to reschedule meetings,⁠
    • dropping the ball on tasks you said you would do⁠
    • being late because you were overscheduled & ran out of time.⁠

  6. Knowing your priorities makes your words more impeccable and trustworthy (to yourself and others)!⁠