A Page From My Journal

My husband has now been out of work for an entire year.

This unexpected situation has prompted me to reflect deeply, asking myself,

“What am I learning from this past year while Dave has been without a job?”

The insights gained have been profound and transformative, and I feel compelled to share a few of them with you.


Even when the day-to-day feels like it’s “not working,” the bigger picture shows that it IS WORKING! Zooming out and noticing the larger picture has been a pleasant surprise for me. Making me see things working even better than I could have imagined.


Defining what you want is crucial to recognizing it when you get it. (And in many cases, realizing that what we seek, we already possess)


The unexpected can be scary. I can believe that it’s going to be horrible, awful, and devastating. Or I can believe that it will work out for the greater good. Neither is true (yet), so the latter opens doors and helps me focus on hope and creating trust.


This period has been an eye-opener for me, to the myriad of talents and skills we all possess, waiting to be explored and utilized. This has been a time to uncover more skills, talents, and desires. AND just because you can do something (and be good at it) doesn’t mean it’s your path.


I learned I could significantly impact my family financially, but I want my most significant influence and impact to be of an understanding, supportive, available, loving mother and wife. This has adjusted how I run my business and think about money.


God puts people in our path, even if it’s just for a very short time. We are taught, guided, and helped in many ways with each experience.


It’s okay not to know the how or what’s next. As a planner at heart, accepting uncertainty and placing my trust in God has been a challenging yet rewarding journey.


The Lord is in charge! After saying my prayers and listing my asks, I’ve learned to end with “or something better”. This allows God to bless me with what I truly need.

These insights have impacted me, and I hope they offer comfort, inspiration, and strength where you may need it right now.

As strong women, entrepreneurs, mothers, partners, and daughters, we are resilient women capable of adapting and thriving despite adversity.

Five Simple Things to Know to Save You Time and Mental Energy

These are the FIVE simple things you need to know to save time and energy and get results FASTER!

Numbers 5 and 6 might be my favorites! ⁠

The best five things you NEED TO KNOW to save time and mental energy and get results faster ARE… drum roll, please! ⁠

Your top 5 priorities! ⁠

That’s it! ⁠

But why are priorities so POWERFUL? ⁠

  1. When your priorities are clear, you know what to say yes to and what to say no to. ⁠
  2. When your priorities aren’t defined, you think everything is important, which leaves you saying yes to the things that don’t complement your priorities, contributing to you being over-scheduled and not getting the important things completed. ⁠
  3. Priorities help you set clear, intentional boundaries. When your priorities are defined, setting boundaries becomes easier. Whether it’s work hours, family time, or church commitments, knowing what’s essential allows you to stick to your boundaries, ensuring you’re giving your best (and your time) where it matters most.⁠
  4. When you don’t live by and schedule from your priorities, you are letting yourself down by not doing to the necessary actions to create the life/results you want. ⁠
  5. When you DO live by and schedule from your priorities, you don’t let anyone else down by
    • having to reschedule meetings,⁠
    • dropping the ball on tasks you said you would do⁠
    • being late because you were overscheduled & ran out of time.⁠

  6. Knowing your priorities makes your words more impeccable and trustworthy (to yourself and others)!⁠

Having A Hard Time Staying Motivated

When I taught special education, the IEP team would come up with a set of criteria to consider the goal mastered.

That criteria usually sounded like this.

“Between now and July 30th, Ceri will, when given change of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters be able to count the change correctly up to one dollar with 90% accuracy in three out of four attempts.”

If you’re having a hard time staying motivated toward a goal, there’s a good chance I know what you’re NOT DOING!

Keep reading, this is IMPORTANT!!

Let’s break down what I’ve learned about goal setting from my time as a special education teacher to understand what you’re NOT DOING!
  • Make the criteria very specific. I didn’t just say count change. I said, “When given a change of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters… count the change correctly up to one dollar.” Sometimes the goal would be set to count only pennies and nickels and up to 50 cents. Even the goal of learning to count change needs to be specific to know what has been mastered and when.
  • Determine ahead of time what mastery will be. Because we are human, there are going to be mistakes, That’s why I wrote goals that said, “with 90% accuracy in three out of four attempts.” With money, I often set the criteria for 100% accuracy in 3 out of 4 attempts, but things like answering reading comprehension questions might have been 80% accuracy in 4 out of 4 attempts. This means the criteria for mastering reading comprehension at a specific grade level is consistently scoring 80% over time (4 out of 4 attempts).
  • Set the time frame for what you will learn (do) and when you will learn (do) it. “Between now and July 30th” Ceri will…”

And here’s the TRICK to the time frame.

Let the time frame be your guide, be your motivator, something to help you know if you’re making progress, not the final word or deflator.

If a child had not mastered the goal by the time set, we didn’t give up on or abandon the goal. We kept working on it until it was mastered. If a child had not mastered the goal in a certain time frame, progress was still made. The child had learned things to help them, and if they keep working at it, eventually they become the master.

Let the time frame keep you focused, but stay focused on the PROGRESS, not the time frame!

I don’t teach you this to make goal-setting feel EVEN MORE complicated.

I tell you this to help you feel more CONFIDENT and motivated in your goals.

It’s so helpful to know exactly what you need to do and how often, in what amount of time, and with what accuracy to master a goal.

We’d master and stay motivated to many more goals if we took the time to make them very specific and create room for being human.

What if your goals sounded more like this?

Between now and March 30, 2024, I will post 3 out of 7 days on Instagram with 90% accuracy.

That means you shoot to post 3 times each week and over the time set (between now and March 30,) you have 10% wiggle room for your humanness.

Whatever your goals sound like, take a look at them and ask…

Is the criteria of what you will do very specific? Not just close “more” consults or post “more” on social media.

Have you determined what you will consider mastery? 100%, 80% 3 out of 4 times… it’s up to you, but know ahead of time what it will be.

Have you set a time frame for when you will reach this goal and allow that time frame to help you stay on track towards your learning/progress, rather than defeat you?

Strengthen These Two Things

Are you feeling overwhelmed and stuck juggling the demands of motherhood and your burning desire to grow your successful business?

You’re not alone.

Every successful woman you admire once stood where you are now.

All the entrepreneurs I work with faced this same challenge at one point because I specialize in helping women like you strengthen the two most crucial aspects needed to create the success and impact you desire without sacrificing motherhood or the values you hold dear.

What do you need to strengthen?


Believe in Your Success: believe that success is possible for you with the time and abilities that you have. God didn’t place a desire on your heart without blessing you with the skills and capabilities to make it happen.

Think of that ambitious woman you know who has achieved the balance you seek. She’s not just a figment of imagination but a real testament that with the right mindset and strengthened self-belief you can do it too.
Let her story inspire you to believe in your success, too.


Mastering Time Management: Knowing how to use your time effectively is pivotal. Knowing WHAT to spend your time is just as pivotal!
I help women use their time to support the actions they must take to create the success they desire.

This is different for everyone, and there’s no one-size-fits-all to YOUR TIME MANAGEMENT!

Imagine if you had a clear plan aligned perfectly with your goals each day, leaving you feeling accomplished and closer to your dreams.

I know what you are thinking,

“But I have kids, and so many unexpected things pop up; how can I have a clear plan?”

Don’t worry, I coach on strategies to help you prioritize tasks, eliminate time-wasters, have time for the unexpected, and ensure that every action you take moves you closer to success.

Every successful woman you admire once stood where you are now.

They had doubts, fears, and numerous responsibilities, but they strengthened their belief and applied effective strategies to use their time and their mind to support their dreams.

I’ve witnessed transformation after transformation of women like you who create more success in less time while strengthening their motherhood and relationships.

Clutter Is Not Just Physical Stuff

Do you know that closet (or drawer) that you’ve been putting off cleaning out?

What’s even in there?

How much clutter is in that space that is

  • literally junk
  • stuff that should have already been throw away
  • things have no purpose
  • junk that hides the good things
  • crap you will never miss?

Our brains get like that closet too.

There’s stuff in our brains we don’t even know is in there too! Thoughts we think are helping us but are of little value. Old ideas just take up space, keeping us mentally scattered and physically exhausted.

If there was a way to clean out your brain clutter,
  • clear the thoughts that keep you stuck & Afraid
  • remove the lies you think about yourself
  • the bad habits you keep repeating
  • the junk thoughts that make you think you’re not capable

Would you want to hire that person to clean out your brain?
I am that person.

When we don’t have enough time or the success we want, that’s a sign that our brain is cluttered with a bunch of stuff we should throw away, with junk that hides the truth and good stuff.

Once your brain is decluttered, you will have more time to tackle the physical clutter and streamline your home and business processes to help you reach the results you desire in both.

Do you know how good it feels to clean out that closet and see the huge trash bag leave your home??

That’s the same feeling you get when you let a coach help you clear your brain clutter.
It’s liberating.
It’s powerful.
It’s the only way to make room for the good stuff!

A Page From My Journal

The first week of 2023 started with my husband losing his job, and it ended with him still not finding one despite diligent efforts. 

2023 challenged so many thoughts, assumptions, and expectations I had in the past. Ideas and actions I assumed “should” be true were no longer.

2023 felt challenging, complex, confusing, and stifling.  

… The words stand down, halt, pause, surrender… kept creeping into my “word of the year” thoughts.

After a year such as 2023, feeling stunted and stagnant, I wanted a word for 2024 that evoked positive emotion inside me. I wanted to honor the “standstill” I was receiving but capture it in a word that stirred my soul. A word that would allow me to look forward to 2024.  

I began pondering and praying, and it softly came this morning.

  • Embrace God’s timing and His plan
  • Embrace growth and opportunities as they find me
  • Embrace happiness and miracles
  • Embrace boundaries and desires
  • Embrace what is
  • Embrace change
  • Embrace myself

Embrace feels like something I am eager to do this year.”

… “I didn’t set a business goal this year, which surprises me.”

I am excited to embrace the change and 

Set the GOAL to:

“Take care of myself and others in my sphere of influence so that collectively, we can abundantly live a balanced life and leave the impact we were created for.”

With that GOAL as my focus, my priorities (spirituality, relationships, health, and business) will grow precisely in the way that is needed this year, and I am ready to embrace it.