60% More Success

Hey Friend!

I’m very new to tennis, and my husband, he hits a lot of corner shots that I just can’t get.

Determined to figure it out, I stared at the court, tried to understand what I was doing wrong or how I could improve my chances of getting his corner shots without getting any faster (because let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to get any faster in one day)

We had been playing for three entire weeks before my husband shared this tiny piece of knowledge that allowed me to go from hitting 10% of his corner shots to 70% in just one match.

“Get in the ready position and square your body to the person as they are hitting the return.”

That’s it… he told me to change my body position!

I don’t need to be faster,

I don’t need to be “better,”

do more, try harder,

or even improve my skills

to increase my success by 60%.

I just needed to make one tiny adjustment to how I prepared myself.

I preach that preparation is critical, but sometimes we need to ask for help to know how to prepare for more success!

Just like tennis, in business, there are many things that you can improve with a small piece of knowledge, a new stance, approach, or a different preparation tactic, that will increase your success exponentially!

When you know your TRUE priorities those things you can do become VERY apparent! That’s why determining your TRUE priorities is the first step in all my coaching.

Knowing your priorities is the clearest treasure map
for more time and success!!

Ready for more success without having to do more, be better, or work harder?

This is my most requested recipe!

In 2020 my daughter graduating from high school, received a DM.

“I know this is going to sound silly, but remember that soup you had at your 6th-grade murder mystery dinner party, can I get the recipe? I want to serve it at my high school graduation party!”

It’s that good. You’ll be thinking about it for years!

This recipe was created one day when I had zero energy, was exhausted, and the menu called for chicken enchiladas. I made up the filling, and as I was about to soften the tortillas in oil to roll up the enchiladas, I thought, how can I make this easier?

I then decided to warm up the filling I had made, spoon it into bowls, add cheese and chips on top and call it “easy enchiladas!”

This recipe is warming up a bunch of cans, so if you can open a can, you can make this recipe. And because it’s all cans, it’s a great food storage meal, an easy, substantial dinner to make, and the leftovers WILL GET EATEN, so make extra!  

Ceri’s Chicken Enchilada Soup

Here’s basically what I do, and just so you know, you can’t mess this up – – 

It serves at least 14+, but you can easily reduce everything by 1/2 to make less.

However, it’s super delicious, it freezes well, and people will want the leftovers. 

* 4-5 chicken breasts shredded, shoot for around 3+ pounds of chicken 

* OR 4 cans of chicken chunks drained and then rinse the chicken off to get rid of the “canned” smell and salt for taste

OR 3-4 cups shredded pork (this is my favorite)

– It’s not all three meat options, just choose one!  It tastes just as delicious with the canned chicken, really it does!

 * 2-3 small 16-ounce cans cream of chicken soup if you want it thicker, add 3 for sure

* 1 cup or a very large scoop of sour cream (I use light)

 2-3 large cans of green enchilada sauce (large is the 29 ounces) (Macayos brand is our favorite, then Old El Paso or the target brand).

Mix the chicken with the above ingredients in a pot on the stovetop, crockpot, or instant pot and heat up until warm.

Also needed:

4 cups of cooked rice

shredded cheese 1-2 pounds

tortilla chips (we love On The Boarder Brand Best, but serve what you love best, that will make the soup even better)

How to enjoy this yumminess – 

Add about rice 1/2 cup cooked rice (more if you want it less soup like) to the bottom of the bowl, top with a generous amount of the enchilada soup mixture, add a good amount of cheese on top and then either dip chips into the yumminess or crush a bunch of chips over the top and eat with a spoon. 

Instead of rice at the bottom, I usually eat it with shredded lettuce at the bottom, it feels healthier.

Feel free to add toppings such as avocado, tomatoes, lettuce, olives, etc. 

It’s kinda like the idea of Hawaiian Haystacks but tastes very different, so I call it it’s Mexican Haystacks!  It’s that a fun name?

I Hate When People Say This

I hate when people say, 

“just lower your expectations!”

I grew up in a house where we HAD to clean bathrooms every day before school.  

As a young mom with three small children, I tried to live up to that expectation because I didn’t realize I could choose to do it differently.

I just thought that’s what everyone did.

Don’t lower your expectations.

Become aware of them.

Business owners and moms, we often think there’s only one way to accomplish something, and when we don’t do it a specific, exact way, we beat ourselves & declare ourselves a failure.

Expectations are things we MAKE UP!

Things we think we “SHOULD” or have to  do!

When the stress of expectations arise within you stop and ask your self

1. What is TRULY being asked of me?

2. What is genuinely needed to hit the desired result?

3. How much time do I have to give to this task?

4. How can I accomplish the task in that time?

5. What will “suffer” if I don’t do it? 

6.  By doing those things, will I have met the true ask?

Don’t lower your expectations!

Make yourself aware of what needs to be done and what “extra things” you think need to be done to get the same result.

Do you hate the expression “lower your expectations?”

I was never late, AND I still felt terrible


When my then, three year old asked me that, my prideful blood began to boil.

I could feel my brain steaming, seriously, steaming!

“We are NEVER late,”
I shouted back sharply.

I asked her why she thought we were always late, and she said, “because every morning, all you ever say is,

hurry up, we’re going to be late!”

Being late, or feeling like your might be late, the stress of being behind, not to mention how you feel when you are late, all feel terrible!!

Although I wasn’t late, I still felt terrible!

I didn’t feel joyous or at peace with my time.

I always felt rushed, tense, behind, and stressed out.

I felt like I was going a mile a minute with my schedule yet didn’t have much to show for it!

I rarely felt calm, or like I could relax, and I wasn’t feeling much happiness, success, or joy either!