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I was never late, AND I still felt terrible

I was never late, AND I still felt terrible.


When my then, three year old asked me that, my prideful blood began to boil.

I could feel my brain steaming, seriously, steaming!

“We are NEVER late,”
I shouted back sharply.

I asked her why she thought we were always late, and she said, “because every morning, all you ever say is,

hurry up, we’re going to be late!”

Being late, or feeling like your might be late, the stress of being behind, not to mention how you feel when you are late, all feel terrible!!

Although I wasn’t late, I still felt terrible!

I didn’t feel joyous or at peace with my time.

I always felt rushed, tense, behind, and stressed out.

I felt like I was going a mile a minute with my schedule yet didn’t have much to show for it!

I rarely felt calm, or like I could relax, and I wasn’t feeling much happiness, success, or joy either!