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I Hate When People Say This

I hate when people say, 

“just lower your expectations!”

I grew up in a house where we HAD to clean bathrooms every day before school.  

As a young mom with three small children, I tried to live up to that expectation because I didn’t realize I could choose to do it differently.

I just thought that’s what everyone did.

Don’t lower your expectations.

Become aware of them.

Business owners and moms, we often think there’s only one way to accomplish something, and when we don’t do it a specific, exact way, we beat ourselves & declare ourselves a failure.

Expectations are things we MAKE UP!

Things we think we “SHOULD” or have to  do!

When the stress of expectations arise within you stop and ask your self

1. What is TRULY being asked of me?

2. What is genuinely needed to hit the desired result?

3. How much time do I have to give to this task?

4. How can I accomplish the task in that time?

5. What will “suffer” if I don’t do it? 

6.  By doing those things, will I have met the true ask?

Don’t lower your expectations!

Make yourself aware of what needs to be done and what “extra things” you think need to be done to get the same result.

Do you hate the expression “lower your expectations?”

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