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This one simple thing will help you stop feeling aimless and confused!

This one simple thing will help you stop feeling aimless and confused!

These feelings can arise from external circumstances, but they hit harder when we let those external circumstances make us feel directionless in our current life, daily actions, decisions, and business.

I see you, and I totally understand! Even straightforward, simple daily tasks and decisions can seem like monumental challenges when we feel this way.

I’ve worked myself and my clients through this doubt, uncertainty, and confusion by doing this one simple thing.


– Stick with me! –

Big or small, just knowing a goal is there provides clarity, hope, and direction…

and you want to know why?

Every time we take action, even a tiny one, toward our goal, our brain rewards us by releasing dopamine – nature’s way of saying,
“Well done! You did it! Keep going!”

When our brain releases that dopamine, it’s hard to feel confused, aimless, and full of doubt.


It’s our very own motivational speaker cheering us on and offering a feel-good boost every time we progress. It’s the reason why every check on a checklist feels so satisfying and why reaching milestones, no matter how small, makes our hearts swell with pride.

As you think about setting just one goal to support you in finding your aim, consider taking these simple steps.

  • Reflect: What is one thing you could do that will help set you up in the right direction? You might not know what that direction is fully (’tis life), but there’s always something you can do to take action towards finding out.

    For example: Wanting a new job/passion/hobby, but wondering what in? Consider setting a goal to apply for x amount of jobs weekly or try X new hobbies/crafts, and as you take that action, you will understand what options are out there that you DON’T want and what’s out there that you might enjoy.
  • Write down your goal and place it somewhere you can easily access it. Sticky note, reminders app, lock screen, or set an alarm on your phone. It doesn’t matter how, but find a simple way to remind yourself of the goals you’re going after.
  • Decide what actions you will do daily/weekly to make progress toward your dopamine-producing goal, and then set a time (commit) to take those actions daily. If you can’t say at 8 am every day I will then say before I go to bed, I will have… or before the children come home from school I will…. or after I brush my teeth I will X (state the action).

Celebrate the little achievements along the way. Check off the boxes, tell a friend (tell me I want to know), text your kids, give yourself a wink in the mirror, whatever it is, when you complete the step, even a simple one, mentally check it off and ENJOY WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO INCREASE THAT DOPAMINE!