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You Gotta Know the Facts First

facts first

I was working with a client who was still not getting everything done each week despite daily planning and sticking to her schedule.

She contracts out one job and also runs her own business.

She asked if we could work on the mindset of not getting everything done, and I said sure,


let’s understand the facts first!

We went through every task she does in her contract position and estimated the amount of time each one takes


We discovered she was working, scheduling, and planning for 5 hours a week in this position, and it takes her 10 to get it all done.

She’s not alone! This happens ALL. THE. TIME.

The good news…

So many people come to me trying to solve what they think their problem is with the wrong tools.

The first step to solving your lack of (fill-in-the-blank)

time, success, organization, revenue, etc.

is to uncover the facts and YOUR PRIORITIES so we can get to the real issue!