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Needs More of This

You missing in your business

I just got off a coaching call with a client who is decently happy in her business right now.


The one thing holding her back from being mostly happy is the one thing that her business needs more of.

Her business needs more of HER!

It needs less of what “they say” you’re “supposed to do.”

It needs less of her judging what she is or isn’t doing.

It needs less scheduling of the things she HATES to do!

It needs more of her showing up in her strengths and doing more of what she loves so that she’s loving the way she’s showing up to help others!

If you’re not loving your business (or motherhood) right now, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing in your business/motherhood that you don’t love but think you MUST DO to have a successful business/motherhood?
  • What is working for you right now in your business/motherhood? How can you do more of those things?
  • What are things that aren’t working in your business/motherhood? Why are you still doing them?
  • What are things you want to stop doing? Why aren’t you willing/brave enough to stop doing them?

If you’re not loving the results you’re getting, stop and ask yourself if your business (and motherhood) are getting the FULL, REAL YOU!

The you that creates results in ways that use her strengths, talents, wants, and in a way that she loves!

If not, stop and ask how more of YOU can show up in your business!