Four Ways to Own Your Goals Like A Boss!

As a special education teacher, I learned some
goal-setting secrets that will improve your results instantly!

NUMBER ONE: Make your goals super specific!

None of that vague stuff like create more post, get a new client, or become more organized.

In the classroom, I never said,
“The child will learn to count change.”

In special education, we are specific! A written goal sounds like this.
“When given pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters, the student will count change up to one dollar with 100% accuracy!”

NUMBER TWO: Determine your mastery criteria.

Humans make mistakes, so 100% mastery is only sometimes going to happen.

Mastery goal criteria sounds like this.
“With 90% accuracy in three out of four attempts, the child will be able to X.”

For reading, I wrote things like,
“The child will, when given 2nd-grade text, read with 80% accuracy in 4 out of 5 attempts.

Remember you are human!

NUMBER THREE: Time frames!

Set the dates when you’ll reach that goal!
“Between now and September 30, 2023, I’ll create and post four IG posts each week, with 90% accuracy!”

But here’s the kicker, the time frame is your cheerleader, not the party crasher!
If you don’t reach it in time, don’t give up, just keep at it!
If you keep trying, you’ll eventually get there.

I’m not telling you this to make goal setting feel more complicated.

Being precise is the fastest way to reach your goals, boost your confidence, and keep you motivated on what it really is you want to accomplish!

Check your goals… if you even remember them!

This reminds me, I’ve got a NUMBER FOUR.

Write your goals down and look
at them often.
Each week when I was lesson planning for my students, I pulled out their goals to make sure what I planned was focused on their goals.

Did you look at your goals this week before planning out your actions?

Specific, vauge doesn’t make you fail less, it makes you fail ahead of time.
Mastery (decide ahead of time how many times, how often, and with what accuracy you will do each goal.
Time frames, they’re your buddies, not your enemies!
Write and review, if they aren’t reviewed often, most people forget about them.

Now go out there, create, and own your goals like a boss!

You got this!

A Post About My Dad

Twenty-six years ago, my Dad passed away suddenly.

At 48, my mom became a widow with six children, the youngest was 8.

This month my Dad would have been 81 years old. On his birthday, I was a little sad thinking about all he could have taught me if he were still alive.

My Dad was a businessman that people looked up to. He was honest, hard-working, wise, gentle, and had a trusting smile.

He gave me my first “real” job at 14, working in a medical office. He owned his own company as a builder and land developer. He built custom homes and hotels, but on the side, he invested in many different businesses throughout my childhood.

When I was nine, he bought me my first pair of work gloves (they were pink and had flowers), and on Saturdays, he took me and my sister to his construction sites to clean up the wood piles and roof tiles. We got paid in big gulps back then. Looking back, I really got paid by learning the value of working hard (by us) and working smarter (by him).

There are so many things about being an entrepreneur that I wish I could ask him. I sometimes feel sad that this amazing example in my life had created multiple successful businesses, and he’s no longer here to tell me how he did it.

It being his 81st birthday this month, I reflected on what I learned from him about business in the short 18 years I had the opportunity to be influenced by him.
  • Work hard⁠
  • Rest⁠
  • Take risks and trust your gut⁠
  • Be creative and keep an open mind⁠
  • Honestly is the best policy⁠
  • Organization looks different for everyone, do what works for you⁠
  • Say please and thank you, and put people first.⁠
  • Do what you can do yourself until it keeps you from doing what you do best

Those are things courses, and books, have a hard time teaching because they are best taught by observing others lead in that way and then emulating the parts that resonate with you.  

Find yourself a business mentor, friend, coach, someone who grows their business in a way that highlights the values you desire and, through their observable actions, runs a balanced business without sacrificing the things they value most.

As I created the list of what my Dad taught me, a subtle thought came to mind  

“It’s easy to recognize those things in him because those things are important to you too.”

Decide what’s important to you to DO and BE as you create your business, and focus on those things until your actions speak to others what’s most important to you.

Surround yourself with people who care about what you care about to help you spend your time in ways that are most important to you!

In 4 Years of Competitive Training, I Didn’t Hear This Once!

I grew up playing various sports, volleyball, and softball being my favorite.

When I entered high school, I made a name for myself at third base because I had a strong arm that could rocket the ball accurately to first, and I thrived on fast, quick, short hops and grounders that often seemed to appear in my glove magically.

It was so fun!

Every day I went to practice I heard, “Porter, get on third.”

You know what I NEVER HEARD?

I never heard, “Porter, go out to center field and take some pop flies.”

Because my specific skills made me succeed as a third baseman.

I didn’t need to be great (or even good) at any other position to succeed as a softball player and receive a college scholarship.

I just need to be good at doing the things I was good at. The things third-base women needed to be good at.

The colleges didn’t ask if I could catch a pop fly (I’m terrified of them to be honest). I’d rather have a ball come flying towards me at warp speed than wait, and wait for a pop fly.

And they didn’t ask because it didn’t matter!

They needed someone who could accurately scoop up grounders, short hops, and bunts and get the person running to first out!

Because my stories always relate to business and motherhood, here’s the “catch!” (See what I did there!)

Decide what skills you’re great at, what skills you enjoy doing, what skills sound fun to learn, and DO MORE OF THOSE!


I’m not crafty, and I don’t really enjoy them, so my kids didn’t craft (with me). I did, HOWEVER, give them opportunities to hone their crafy skills through other friends, and family members, I put them in classes, etc., and now my 20-year-old has a VERY successful wedding cake business.

I never said, Porter, well, I was Payne by then, I never said “Payne get out your crafts and work on them till you like them more, till you’re better at them.

So the next time you think,
“I ought to be better at (fill in the blank).”
I should spend more time on this “weakness” or “thing that I don’t like doing”….
Everyone is so much better at X than I am”

Remember, in business and motherhood, you have strengths, talents, and things you enjoy.
Practice those things so that you can be the best darn version of YOU!

Let the other entrepreneurs (and moms) do their thing, you do yours, and together you will impact the world with greater success by focusing on your strengths!

Needs More of This

I just got off a coaching call with a client that is decently happy in her business right now.


The one thing holding her back from being mostly happy is the one thing that her business needs more of.

Her business needs more of HER!

It needs less of what “they say” you’re “supposed to do.”

It needs less of her judging what she is or isn’t doing.

It needs less scheduling of the things she HATES to do!

It needs more of her showing up in her strengths and doing more of what she loves so that she’s loving the way she’s showing up to help others!

If you’re not loving your business (or motherhood) right now, ask yourself these questions:

  • What are you doing in your business/motherhood that you don’t love but think you MUST DO to have a successful business/motherhood?
  • What is working for you right now in your business/motherhood? How can you do more of those things?
  • What are things that aren’t working in your business/motherhood? Why are you still doing them?
  • What are things you want to stop doing? Why aren’t you willing/brave enough to stop doing them?

If you’re not loving the results you’re getting, stop and ask yourself if your business (and motherhood) are getting the FULL, REAL YOU!

The you that creates results in ways that use her strengths, talents, wants, and in a way that she loves!

If not, stop and ask how more of YOU can show up in your business!

Organization is not a talent

When I was a mom with three darlings under four, I was having a conversation with a group of church women about talents.

I hated this type of conversation because I believed that I didn’t have any talents.

Then, I thought talents were things that you could display on a stage or in a gallery. They involved papers with grades and high scores, musical abilities, art, sewing, or were creative in nature somehow.

The women I was talking with were putting together a talent show, and I was required to participate.

I told them I had zero talents.

They probed with ideas they thought I should be able to do.

I timidly snapped back with a racing heart and said I wasn’t talented if it didn’t involve a ball or organization.

One gal, laughed boisterously and said,


So, for the next umpteen years, I continued to say I had zero “talents” even though I KNEW I was talented.

Fast forward to 2018

When I was contemplating what area to coach women in, organization, time management, and productivity came up repeatedly.


When I was working full-time while coaching part-time and serving as the president of my church’s women’s organization, many entrepreneurs came to me for coaching because they wanted to know how I was organizing my time and schedule to excel in all these areas.

And even then, I wasn’t willing to admit that my organization was a talent.

Now, wiser women, (sometimes) I’ve dedicated my coaching practice to using my talents to help you be organized and confident enough to USE YOUR TALENTS!

If you’re reading this, I know that you’re talented!

I know you have something spectacular to teach and share with this world.

If I can use my talents to help you have enough time and an organized schedule so that you can put your talents out there, then together, we can influence those around us and create a more significant impact in this world.

  • If you don’t think you have enough time
  • If you don’t think you know enough
  • If you don’t think you’re organized enough
  • If you believe you are too busy already

I’ve got you!

I can’t do what you CAN DO, not even close!

BUT I can help you have the time and organization to do what you were put on this earth to do!

Watch the 9-second video clip, that changed everything for me about why being organized is vital… (and a talent)!!

Sugar Experience

I just wrapped up my 35 Hard FOR YOU challenge last week and I learned a lot! I know the 65 participants did too!

I told the 35 Hard FOR YOU group…

  • If you wanted to start but didn’t or thought you’d be way more successful than you were (this goes for your business too)
  • If you noticed that you’re unsure why you set the goals you did, didn’t really like your goals, or make progress towards them (this applies to your business and personal goals)
  • If you wanted to complete the goals/challenge but didn’t feel like you had enough time (does that sound familiar)


I’ve got an offer for you that doesn’t happen every day!

I shared this offer with my 35 Hard FOR YOU group first and it was so well received I knew I had to share it with my email list too!!

Here are the details!

FOUR INTENSIVE PRIORITY WORK coaching sessions where we dive into what you WANT (not what you think you “should” want) but what you actually want and WHY (those are the most significant pieces) to having enough time and proper mindset to create the results you want!

I have developed a program that makes your WHY impeccably evident, full of truth, firm, and unwavering so that you stay committed to EVERY role/goal you want to excel in.


  • FOUR, 50-minute sessions where we dive DEEP into your priorities

  • 24/7 access to me for that time through Voxer or Marco Polo

  • Your sessions will be working sessions, (there are worksheets we cover together). During your session, I will ask lots of questions, you will discover new answers, there will be teaching and instruction, and together we’ll uncover your deepest-seeded values inside your priorities.


  • A clear understanding of what’s truly important to you and why

  • Find your purpose and understand your wants

  • The exact actions steps (for you) to take so that you can be more successful in the areas of life that you value (business, motherhood, goals, home, life-balance, etc)

  • Your time back, the time you were wasting “doing all the things” that you thought you had to do because you weren’t clear on your priorities.