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I have a Confession to Make

Successful people

So many of my clients come to me, defeated because they are…

  • not following their schedule perfectly
  • thinking they aren’t getting “enough” done each day
  • wishing they knew how to get more done
  • thinking they must be doing something wrong in their schedule

I’ve got a confession to make.


The answer to my client’s frustration is not a “better planner, more defined, or more rigorous schedule.

The answer is more TRUST in yourself!

I help entrepreneurs, and business leaders create trust in themselves!


  • When we trust ourselves, we can create schedules that support our goals and level of success.
  • When we trust ourselves, we create our daily schedules from our priorities.
  • When we trust ourselves, we trust our focus, actions, and needs.
  • When we trust ourselves, we can not follow our schedule sometimes, and everything will still be ok!!!
  • When we trust ourselves, we are leading with our intuition.
  • When we trust ourselves, we will get it done (if it is needed), and we can trust that what we chose to do instead was needed at that time.

The way you create a schedule you follow is not being more disciplined.

It’s learning to trust yourself more.

Learning to trust your decisions, your follow through, ideas, intuition, actions, choices, EVERYTHING!!!