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When you know this, you stop wasting time on things that don’t matter

Six different problems exact same answer

When I find myself saying the same thing in multiple different coaching sessions (just this week), I’ve decided it might be something more of us (me included) need to hear.

Client #1 was having a hard time staying motivated in their business plan.

Client #2 was having a hard time believing they have the control to make twice as much in their business as last year.

Client #3 was having a hard time finishing the paperwork that is required for their child to get the extra help they need.

Client #4 was trying to decide if spending money on child care is a good use of their savings while growing their business.

Client #5 was worried that if they raised their prices, clients would not want their services.  

Client #6 was worried that if she wrote an email to her list, people on her list would judge her or, worse, not find her words valuable.

The answer to all of these scenarios in the same.  

Is the result important enough to you?

Is the result of what your business plan will create important enough to you to stick with the plan?

Is the result of making double in your business important enough to you to take action?

Is the result your child might receive from this provider important enough to you to finish the paperwork?  

Is the result of making more in your business important enough to raise prices?

Is the result that’s possible from emailing your list important enough to send that email, even if some people judge it?

If the result doesn’t feel important enough to you, you will lack belief, and you won’t do the actions (long-term or ever), to create the result.

Whatever it is in your business that you’re not doing, worried about, or trying to decide on, 

simplify the process by asking yourself this one question… is the result important enough to you?