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I Wrote You A Poem

I wrote you a poem - Blog

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 

I’ve been thinking a lot about the women that I work with.

The women accomplishing BOLD things in this world and in their homes 

yet don’t feel very bold most of the time.

Women that are standing for their beliefs that motherhood and their dreams/impact/business/goals are important and that it’s possible for success in both!


She works hard with fierce desire,

To make a difference, to inspire.

Impact-driven women, that’s for sure,

With a love for motherhood, that’s is that so pure.

She questions often, can I do them both

Can I balance it all, and live up to myself oath?

When those who say you can’t have it all,

She believes in herself but feels afraid to fall.

She’s bold in her belief, determined to try,

To balance it all, to soar and fly.

To show the world that it’s possible indeed,

To be a mom and an entrepreneur, to succeed.

So she forges ahead with strength and grace,

Her passion and purpose light up her face,

She is a force, a power to behold,

A career-driven mom who’s brave and bold!

Just know I’m cheering you on!   🥰