Here’s my secret when it comes to organizing and planning

The secret to accomplishing what’s on your schedule is not the number of things on your schedule, it’s how you feel about it! ⁠

Even when I was growing my coaching practice, teaching school full-time, raising my three children, and serving as the president of my church’s women’s organization, I could get it all done because when I looked at my schedule, I did not feel overwhelmed! ⁠

So what’s my secret?

I under commit (keep in mind, this looks different for everyone)! When you under commit, it allows you to have the space, flexibility, and freedom to focus on the most important things each day! ⁠

When you under commit, you have room in your schedule for emergencies, the unexpected, last-minute fun things, and to add more to your day when you WANT to!⁠

When we don’t know our priorities, we tend to over-commit. When we focus on and see the purpose behind our priorities, we plan those things that fuel us, excite us, move the needle forward, and bring us joy!

When you feel joy and excitement about your schedule, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed too!

It’s possible to have a very demanding schedule and still feel like you have space and flexibility to enjoy the life you’re creating if you LOVE the things on your schedule.