Best Lesson Learned

The day before my daughter’s wedding, a client reached out with a scheduling question. She had a lot going on & was feeling overwhelmed! ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Some of the things to be scheduled were items she didn’t have a specific time frame for because others would need to complete their part of the task first. 

Some time constraints would be placed on her last minute by commitments of her part-time job & others’ schedule availability. ⁣ 

The timing of some of her tasks were not in her control. Cue think raising children, semi work emergencies, and websites crashing.

She asked me, “how I schedule my day with all these unknowns?”

Executing the wedding schedule had me in the middle of these same kinds of unknowns & time constraints that depended on other people. 

Has your May felt a little like this?⁣⁣

May is often a hectic month for most of us. It’s also the month that leads us into summer! Summer is often looked forward to for the freedom from school demands/schedules, vacations, and lazy days. However,  before we know it, if we aren’t intentional, we feel overwhelmed in the summer and ready for fall. 

When life feels like you can’t schedule much, I encourage you to schedule the feelings you want to have. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Although I knew I had x amount of things to accomplish before my daughter’s wedding, I couldn’t schedule when they would be completed due to the variety of tasks and other people’s schedules. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

But, I KNEW how I wanted to feel that day. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

I wanted to feel available, kind, & flexible.

I wanted to feel like I had enough energy and patience to get it all done happily.

Knowing how I wanted to feel helped me get everything accomplished in a way that felt good. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

When the table delivery service was 2 hours late, because I scheduled being flexible and kind, I was able to show up in a way that allowed me to be kind and accommodating.   

When my daughter’s top tear of her cake wasn’t working out (yes, my daughter made her own wedding cake), I went home at 9 pm and baked another top tier because I scheduled in patience and energy.

When life feels out of control, with too many unknowns or unpredictability, I encourage you to schedule how you want to feel.⁣⁣

This summer is going to be different than the school year. In some ways that’s awesome, and in some ways, that might feel hard!

Scheduling how you want to feel this summer might be the only thing you can fully control.  

Take a minute to think about how do you want to feel this summer?When you focus on feeling that way, what type of things will you do and not do?   

Decide how you want to feel, and then intentionally plan your schedule with that feeling in mind. If you don’t want to plan a summer schedule, that’s fine too, however, I then, highly encourage you to ask yourself how would a person that wants to feel (then state the feeling you desire) show up today? How would they show up this summer?   

We can do this mamas! We can create memories, spend quality time with our children, and grow our businesses if that’s what you decide you want to do!

There’s A Podcast for That

What’s something that you’ve been struggling with lately? 

As a mom that’s also growing a business, I bet I know a few of the things you’re struggling with.

If fact, I bet I’ve got a podcast for many of them below! 

Are you working to overcome some perfectionism in your home and or business?  

If so, you might want to check out my podcasts with Misty March “How to Overcome Perfectionism as a Momprenuer,” or the one I recorded with Monica at About Progress, “How to Know When You’ve Done Enough Each Day.” Both podcasts are full of practical answers, simple action steps, and mindset shifts for you to try out. ⁣⁣

Are you wishing you had more time?  

“How to maximize your Time as a Busy Mom” is one I recorded with Rachel Nielson on her podcast 3 in 30. This one is a listener favorite and it packed full of simple, practical things you can start today!  

Dr. Jen Riday had me on her podcast, Vibrant Happy Women as a guest to talk about “Setting & Scheduling Your Priorities.”

And, another time related podcast I recored with Misty Marsh to help you use your time with intention, “How to Find More Time & Create a Life You Love.”⁣

Are you seeking more life balance?

You should check out  “How to Balance Mom-life, Work-life and Your Life” with Pam Maass or the one I did with Candace on Thriving with 8, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”   

If you want a little more balanced life chat with a good dose of priority work mixed in, check out The Well Well Well Podcast “How to Get Crap Done.”⁣

Have you wished you were better at creating and sticking with purposeful goals?  If so, you’re not alone.  

Michelle Gifford and I talked about the “Steps to Accomplish Any Goal,” and Jen Riday and I discussed  “Setting Goals From Your Strengths.” Since I believe that we should set goals from our strengths, the episode with Whole Modern Parent  “Diving into Your Strengths in Motherhood” is a great guide for this topic too!⁣⁣

If you have ADHD, know someone that does, or think that you might, check out these two incredible podcasts below.  

Monica asked some amazing questions that we got to discuss on About Progress “How to Still Live Your Best Life with a New ADHD Diagnosis” or my podcast with Sami, The Teen Life Coach simply titled, “ADHD.”⁣ will be very valuable for learning a bit more about ADHD as well. 

I’ve created a page on my website to house many of the guest podcast opportunities I’ve had in the past few years.  If you want to check out all my podcast page, click here to be directed to a podcast that will help you work on that thing you’ve been wanting to improve!

How can we figure out which tasks are important and which isn’t?

Do you have tasks on your to-do list that you never seem to get completed? ⁠I know why and you can know why too! Use these questions below to help you know why it is for you.

Answering these questions and taking action will help you simplify your list and identify which tasks to remove without ever having to do many of them!When we aren’t doing them, there’s a reason!

Discover why so you can remove the “shoulds,” plan for obstacles, remove the non-priorities, the tasks you don’t want/need to do, and activities that aren’t moving the needle forward in your life and business towards success. 

Here’s my secret when it comes to organizing and planning

The secret to accomplishing what’s on your schedule is not the number of things on your schedule, it’s how you feel about it! ⁠

Even when I was growing my coaching practice, teaching school full-time, raising my three children, and serving as the president of my church’s women’s organization, I could get it all done because when I looked at my schedule, I did not feel overwhelmed! ⁠

So what’s my secret?

I under commit (keep in mind, this looks different for everyone)! When you under commit, it allows you to have the space, flexibility, and freedom to focus on the most important things each day! ⁠

When you under commit, you have room in your schedule for emergencies, the unexpected, last-minute fun things, and to add more to your day when you WANT to!⁠

When we don’t know our priorities, we tend to over-commit. When we focus on and see the purpose behind our priorities, we plan those things that fuel us, excite us, move the needle forward, and bring us joy!

When you feel joy and excitement about your schedule, it’s hard to feel overwhelmed too!

It’s possible to have a very demanding schedule and still feel like you have space and flexibility to enjoy the life you’re creating if you LOVE the things on your schedule.