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What’s a goal that you are proud of accomplishing?⁠

What's a goal that you are proud of accomplishing?⁠

In 2019, while still teaching special education full-time, I made the goal to become a $100K+ coach while working in my life coaching business part-time and teaching school full-time. ⁠

When I made that goal, I didn’t know I would also be asked to serve as the president of my church’s women’s organization, adding 10+ hours of service to my already full week. ⁠

When we genuinely want to reach a goal, when were are a big fat 10, all-in, no matter how long it takes, and know the TRUE reasons we desire that goal, we will continue working towards that goal until it happens. ⁠ What goal are you currently all in on, a big fat 10, willing to take action till you reach the goal?    I bet, without even realizing it, you’re a 10 in your motherhood!  Willing to raise your kids, love them, teach them, and help them when they need it! Are you a 10 in your business?   A 10 on creating a schedule you love and will follow?   How about a 10 on finding the time to enjoy the life you’re so busy working on?   

I was a ten towards my 100K+ goal!  I kept working, trying new things, rearranging my time and schedule, said no to things that weren’t supporting my progress, showed up even when I was tired, and stayed consistent… and in 2020, I reached my goal! ⁠
 Because of Covid restrictions, The Life Coach School didn’t hold their award ceremony until last week, so this cute baby above didn’t belong to me until then! ⁠

When you are considering setting a goal, stop and ask yourself these questions below⁠ 1. Why do I want this goal?  Do I like my reasons for wanting to achieve this goal?  Are these reasons free from fears, what if’s, and “shoulds”?  2. Am I willing to stay committed?  Why? 3. What would get in the way of making it happen?   Am I willing to solve for (or work through) those obstacles? 

4. Am I committed to making it happen even if it takes longer than anticipated, even if something like covid or a big unexpected responsibility falls into the mix?⁠

If you don’t give up, it might take more time than you expected or happen in a way other than you planned, but it 100% it will happen! ⁠ If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level, be a big fat 10, and fear of time is what’s stopping you, I can solve for that!  I promise!!!