The Overscheduled Mom

Let me tell you about someone that you may have met before!  

Once upon a time, there was a mom that got caught in the trap of over-scheduling. ⁠

She thought she was too busy, and that she didn’t have enough time for everything, so she tried to make up for her lack of time by scheduling in ALL THE THINGS. ⁠

When she looked at her schedule, the one with ALL THE THINGS on it, she would often feel defeated, feel behind even before she started, and as a result, she didn’t love her schedule, and she didn’t do ALL THE THINGS. ⁠

Because she didn’t get ALL THE THINGS completed, she beat herself up, thinking she is lazy, incapable, too busy, and exhausted.  ⁠

She decided to move the things she didn’t do to the next day, a day that was already over-scheduled. ⁠

When that next day went the same way the other previous 29 days had gone, she gave up and stopped scheduling her day, because after all, ⁠

“what’s the point, it never gets done anyway?”    ⁠

Does this mom sound like you? ⁠

How can she stop this vicious cycle?  ⁠

By understanding her priorities and SCHEDULING IN WHITE SPACE!  ⁠

I preach you don’t have to have every single hour of every day scheduled with to-do’s.   ⁠

I teach the unplanned hour and plan B. ⁠

They are GAME CHANGERS!!  

If you want to get more done, while actually doing less and feeling accomplished, you have to know your priorities!  ⁠