The Worst Thing That’s Ever Happened

Have you ever known a school teacher to quit mid-school year?

Six years ago, I was that teacher!

We are natural storytellers, and we often use that gift to our detriment.

I told myself the worst of stories about quitting.

I’m done for in the state of Utah.

I’m never going to get another job.

No one will ever trust me again.

To make it worse, I was supposed to begin working at the neighboring school district the next year, and by quitting, I just knew I ruined that opportunity.

The day after I quit, I got a call from the same district asking me to interview for a work from home teaching position.

Quitting mid-year freed me up for one of the most significant opportunities of my career!

During that job work from home position, I developed many of the skills and confidence I use now in my coaching.

Because that position had flexibility, it provided me the time to certify in life and business coaching.

Because of quitting, I am here, helping other women take chances, make changes, build confidence, and create a business and motherhood they love.

“The more we practice looking in the rearview mirror and finding gratitude for the hard times we’ve experienced, the more we start to change our programming.”

When we learn from the hard times, the intensity of our fears in the moment of difficulty will begin to diminish!

That “worst thing that’s ever happened to you,” what are you enjoying now because you went through that experience?

The next time you begin to tell yourself the stories of “this is the worst thing ever,” zoom out a minute and consider that you could be wrong.