Experience Is The Best Knowledge

What are your summer plans? 

This summer, my family and I were going to go on a cruise for the first time. 

I could have just booked the first one that popped up after my google search and hoped for the best.  

Instead, I asked people that had experience with cruises all about them. 

I asked what they thought made a great cruise, what they liked, and what made it less than great.  

I ask how they planned it, what agency they used, and who was easy to work with. 

I found out their opinions for stateside and foreign cruises. 

I inquired about boarding differences between the west coast and the south.  

I talked with people that have experiences with cruises, what worked, what didn’t, what they would do differently, their best advice, what to do and not todo, and the “how-to” for the most successful overall cruise experience.

This is no different from hiring a coach.  

Hiring a coach that has experience where you currently are and has figured out how to get where you want to be already makes for the best knowledge.

A coach will get you there faster, with less stress, less failure, more clarity, and success!

A coach will guide and help you to have the best experience and create the life you want.  

If you’re trying to build a business while parenting children, I’ve been there.  

I built my successful life coaching business while parenting three young daughters and teaching school full-time. 

I know the challenges and struggles you are facing.  

I know the time constraints and the demands of motherhood you are feeling. 

I know the shame, guilt, exhaustion, disorganization, and overwhelm that keeps you up at night.  

If you want to go from feeling confused, like you don’t have enough time, and out of control, to thriving in both your motherhood and business, making money in a way that you love,  I know the best way to get you there. 

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I will show you how to create a balanced life you love without sacrificing your health, life goals, motherhood, sleep, or relationships.