Can You Hear Your Voice


What is it that you really want? 

It’s not meant to be a trick question, but it often feels that way, right? 

My clients come to me for a change, but they often don’t know what change they are seeking. 

They want to have a different experience in their motherhood, but they aren’t sure what that experience looks like. 

They want to make money in their business and become more confident, but they aren’t sure how.  

They want to feel differently about their life, but they don’t know how to make that happen.

They can’t hear their authentic voice or rely on their own helpful thoughts.

We spend so much time drowning out our own authentic voice because we are often too scared, too worried, or too consumed about what others think.  

Let’s see if you can hear your voice? 

If someone gifted you $5000 and a week of extra time and you could do whatever you wanted without any consequences, what would you do?  

Would you: 

start a business? 

hire a coach? 

have another child?

go back to school? 

start a diet, a mastermind, or write a book?

begin to train for a race?

sign up for a conference?  

That’s the voice that you should pay more attention to.  That’s the voice that’s taking you places. 

We spend more time listening to the voice that tells us we are crazy, that we would fail, that we aren’t smart enough, or that we don’t have enough time.

That voice keeps us playing small.  Keeps us on the same playing field we’ve always been without the satisfaction and real growth we desire. 

You may have a lot of self-defeating thoughts to work through before you can hear that voice, but it’s in there. 

I can help you hear it, belive, and stay focused on it .  

I would love to show you how to start listening to the voice that helps you grow, how to tune into the voice that allows you to follow your dreams.  

Let’s make that voice even louder, more apparent, and more real.

If you know you want to feel less overwhelmed, less stressed, less restricted in your motherhood, and your business, but not sure how, let’s chat.  

I can show you how you can grow your capacities in your motherhood and your business without sacrificing your health, relationships, motherhood, or sleep.  

Click here to schedule a free 50-minute exploratory session with me so we can discover your voice, learn how to trust it, and create a plan to make that voice your reality.