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Make Hard Things Easier

Make Hard Things Easier

I think “they” (whoever they are) meant well when they said, “we can do hard things.”  

Maybe it’s encouraging when you’re in the middle of that “hard thing”, but what if that “hard thing” didn’t have to be so hard? 

Being a mom and business owner is hard, but I’m here to make it easier!  

Speaking of hard, my high school senior has had a few very tough weeks during this quarantine. ⁣

⁣The disappointment of missing her friends, graduation, and all the fun senior activities that she has been looking forward to have been adding up. ⁣

⁣She missed senior prom.⁣

⁣She missed senior sunset.⁣

⁣She missed the deadline (wifi problems) of her most significant English assignment of the semester.⁣

⁣She and her boyfriend of over a year broke up. ⁣

⁣She’s been upset, angry, confused, heartbroken and grieving for all kinds of reasons. ⁣

During the middle of all this, one night, she said to me, ⁣

⁣”I don’t want to do hard things and become stronger, I just want to be happy.”

⁣I get it, baby girl! ⁣ That’s what we all want! ⁣

⁣What if it’s possible to become stronger, do hard things, and still be happy? 

What if it’s possible to work on these hard things and make them easier? 

What if they didn’t have to be so hard? 

⁣I believe that we can have challenges, find ways to be happy, and find ways to make them easier at the same time.

⁣What is the hard you’re facing in life right now? 

Is it your motherhood, your relationship with your children, your lack of time to show up for them?

Do you worry about whether you’re being a good mom and doing it right? 

Do you stress about your business?

Do you want to spend more time working in it, but don’t know how to do that with everything else you have going on?

When you don’t accomplish your business goals or the opposite, work too hard in your business on a certain day, do you feel shame and guilt about your choices?

Do you want to lay your head down on the pillow each night knowing you did your best in both your business and motherhood each day? Do you want less regret?  

If you’re ready to create schedules, plans, and mental clarity, find time to grow your capacity in all your life roles, then schedule a free consult session with me so that I can show you how to make hard things easy!  

Want to make being a mom and business owner less hard?  

Good, because that’s my calling, to show you how to create a life you love, the good, the easy, the hard, and the less hard, without sacrificing your health, relationships, or sleep. I’ve got a system figured out, and I can’t want to show you!  

Click here to learn more about my one on one coaching package designed to help make hard things easy.