What do I want to be doing with my life?

Are you busying creating the life you want or the life you think you “should” be living?  

When was the last time you stopped and asked yourself, what do I want to be doing with my life? 

I recently had a client that was trying to make a big decision in her business.  

She felt like she “should” be creating an on-line course to grow her business. 

She felt “obligated”  to her clients, to her family, and her business partner, but not really interested in taking the time creating the course. 

I asked her,

If you could do anything you wanted and you had no obligation to anyone else, what would you do? 

It wasn’t the course.  

Instead, she answered that she would write a book.

I then asked her, “so why aren’t you writing a book?”  

Another client came seeking clarity on whether or not she should become a certified coach. 

Another asked me if she should have a baby right now. 

And another asked if she should quit her MLM business.  

We get to create our lives!  Yes, other people are part of our lives, but don’t allow those other people to be excuses and obstacles as to why you aren’t living the life you want to live. 

Ask yourself, what do you WANT to be doing? 

Before you answer, pretend that all the reasons that are keeping you from doing that thing don’t exist. 

Pretend that the bills will be paid no matter what.  
Your husband will be supportive. 
The kids will be cared for. 
The house will get cleaned.
Your husband’s job won’t be as demanding.
You can get extra money.
You have the time.  
You’re not too old. 

It’s important to pretend that this fairytale does exist, at least for a tiny moment.  

Once you’re in a place where all of your reasons are no longer valid, then answer the question, what do I want to be pursuing right now?

Is it something different than you are doing now?  

How different?  

Sometimes my clients are shocked how different their dreams are than their current life. 

Sometimes they are shocked that it’s very much the same, and they didn’t realize they ARE living the life they want.

Sometimes we blame our life circumstances for not going after the dream, but it’s not the dream we want, so we blame the life we currently have, and then we feel stuck and less fulfilled when the dream doesn’t happen.

AND It’s not EVEN the DREAM we WANT!  

Taking ALL the excuses, all the reasons that we think are holding us back and making it impossible out of the equation and then asking ourselves, “what we want to do” is valuable. 

There’s so much wisdom and power in that question.  

If you want help achieving the goals your dreaming of, but you feel like there are too many reasons holding you back, schedule a free session with me.  I help you see just what is possible for you in your life now.