Lessons Learned from a Beauty Pageant

Last week, my daughter participated in a 6-day scholarship pageant for our state, representing our region in a Distinguished Young Women Scholarship Pageant.

I dropped her off on Monday, and on Tuesday morning, the director called me to tell me that she was worried about my daughter. 

My daughter was feeling faint, had horrible stomach pain, and her vision was blacking out briefly when she stood up.  We were worried about her having another ruptured cyst.  

She was living with a host family for the week. We stayed in close contact, but due to the rules of the program, we were not able to see her and only allowed to talk to her for 10 minutes each night.

It wasn’t until Friday night that I was able to see and talk to her at length. 

It was after she nailed her performance that she told me how horrible she truly felt.

She wanted to give up.

She wanted to go home.

I told her those all were options for her.

She said she wanted to stay as she’s rolled into a ball on the pavement, fighting tremendous pain.

I asked her why she wanted to stay, even when it would be reasonable to give up at this point and not finish the final night of judging?

She then said,

“I don’t care if I win anything at this point. I don’t think I will win anything. However, I committed to be here this week and to compete. Seeing this through and staying committed will make me a winner in my book.”

She didn’t win the grand prize, but she did win!

She won because she learned;

She can do hard things.

She can stay committed even when it seems hopeless and when she doesn’t feel like it.

That growth and learning happen during difficult times.

But my favorite reason she won, she learned she doesn’t need a judge to tell her that she’s a winner!

She gets to decide whether she’s winning or not.

We get to decide if we are winning in our business, our goals, and our roles as a mom/wife.

We don’t need a judge to tell or validate our efforts. 

There’s no “expert” out there that can tell you if you’re doing it all right.  You get to decide that.

Are you staying committed to your business, your mommyhood, yourself, even when it’s painful, overwhelming, and feels fruitless?

Are you letting the “experts” (or even yourself) judge you, making you think you’re doing it all wrong?

If you want to stay more committed in your life roles, become more effective in your mommyhood and business, I get it.  I wanted that too. 

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Be a winner in your own book!

I can show you how. 

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