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The Rising Tide

RelationSHIPS Grow Businesses

They say it's lonely at the top. That might be true, but it doesn't have to be if you bring your relationSHIPS with you!

  • Do you feel strongly that you have something to share with the world but often feel stuck and overwhelmed with how to do it?
  • Do you desire to build your business in a loving way that feels supportive and aligned and compliments the life you want to create? 
  • Have you joined groups, masterminds, or networks with a fire inside to contribute your ideas and talents only to feel lonely or lacked support?
  • Do you wish you knew more dedicated entrepreneurs so you could brainstorm with them, ask questions, bounce ideas off of, and learn from them? 
  • Do you want to know what to do in your business to create more success without all the overwhelm, confusion, tears, and feelings of guilt?
  • Do you dream about being part of a valuable network of creative entrepreneurs, experts in their areas, that are leaning into doing business their way?


We want to empower you to cultivate an unshakeable relationship with yourself and with other women who are leaving their mark in their corner of the world.


RelationSHIPS create a safe place where deep conversations, self-discovery, and collaborations make the world better and your impact brighter! 

Introducing The RISING TIDE A business mastermind experience focused on pillars of relationSHIPS.

  • RelationSHIPS with yourself (this is your mindset & inner thoughts about you)
  • RelationSHIPS with your dreams, goals, strengths, and abilities (this is your self-belief and mindset to focus on possibility)

  • RelationSHIPS to your priorities, schedules, commitments, and strategy

  • RelationSHIPS with time, money, and success

  • RelationSHIPS to other successful entrepreneurs willing to do the work to elevate their own business and those around them. 

You’ve got an impact to make, and we are

here to help you do that!

We need what you bring to the table, your strengths, passions, talents and your desire to share it with others. Collectively, we will magnify your dreams, abilities, success, and relationships to rise together!


The Rising Tide is a supportive, collaborative mastermind dedicated to 


  • supporting business growth/impact and long-term personal connection.
  • fostering relationship building (to self, others, time, and business).
  • genuine, supportive, trusting peers that are working in their full potential.
  • cultivating creativity, thought leadership, original ideas, and business growth that is fulfilling and rewarding.
  • helping you making good money in your business without sacrificing other life roles and values.  
  • getting clarity on your true priorities and the needle movers in your life and business. 
  • becoming more successful in your business and motherhood without guilt, sacrifice, and burnout.

When you make relationSHIPS the center of your practice, ideas, service, time, talents, etc., you begin to think simply, ideas flow easily, and business building becomes rewarding, empowering, fulfilling, and profitable.

Strong relationSHIPS change everything!!


The Rising Tide is not just a mastermind, group, course, or retreat. It’s something that will take the best of all of those concepts and marry them into an experience where you feel safe, connected, known, led, full of possibility, up-leveled, loved, and supported every step of the way.  


You will learn and develop connections, personal business strategy, discover & lead with your strengths, time management & scheduling skills, connection to yourself, your beliefs, abilities, and most importantly, connection and growth with others in the same boat as you. 


This mastermind experience is cultivated for you to connect with people, learn, contribute, and link arms with other successful entrepreneurs who want to take you to the top with them.


You will grow, teach, serve, support, and brainstorm with other women who are motivated to be their best selves, make an impact, and leave a legacy, while enjoying the journey along the way!


If you're not enjoying the journey long the way, not feeling connected to those around you or your business, is it truly the success that you want?

During our six-month time together, you will

  • Discover how to simplify your business for more success
  • Discover your strengths & interests, and learn how to magnify them in your business so that you can grow your successful business without burning the candle at both ends or sacrificing the things you value most.
  • Learn more efficient and effective ways to create time to improve your business while having enough time to enjoy the life you’re so busy creating
  • Identify your priorities in your business and life so that you’re spending time getting results, creating memories, and enjoying your work, while creating more revenue in your industry.
  • Develop your schedule, business plan, and defined results so that you know the action steps you need to take to propel your business forward. 
  • Discover the mindset and thoughts holding you back, keeping you from implementing new ideas, starting new strategies, getting bigger results, making the money you want, having the time you need, and fully believing in yourself. 
  • Create lifetime, supportive friends who will support and buoy you as you link arms and successfully rise together.


If you're ready for a business mastermind, one that is unique and like nothing else, I invite you to join The Rising Tide Business Mastermind.

The Rising Tide Business Mastermind Experience will consist of 

  • Six months together to learn, teach, apply, revise, support, and connect with ourselves, others, and our business.
  • A connective 4-night 5-day business retreat in St George, Utah, February 1-5, 2023.
  • Meeting weekly (these meetings will be structured and defined) to connect through instruction/learning, group coaching, small group success brainstorming, hot seat business brainstorming/coaching, and (required) small group connection sessions that will be held during our regular weekly meeting time.
  • Our weekly meetings will be held on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between during 11-2 pm MST. We will select a time that works best for everyone, and once finalized, the meeting time will be the same every week.
  • BONUS if you sign up for this Mastermind BEFORE NOVEMBER 15, 2022, the first 10 people will receive monthly, 30-minute 1:1 sessions with Marissa or Ceri

At the retreat, there will be experiences that will rock your boat (pun intended)

  • Personal Foot Zoning Session by true angels on earth. I can’t say enough incredible things about these women and their diving gifts. 
  • A group energy release session that is powerful, deeply inspired and will be just what you need to let go and build a connection with yourself, your business, and others in the group.
  • A group breath-work session. These sessions have brought me much self-awareness and connection to others and myself. And truth, during our last breath-work session is where the fullness of this Rising Tide Business  Mastermind experience was created.


If you're reading this, you were part of that experience and you were thought about and loved months ago!

At the retreat, we will be going deep, connecting to ourselves so that we can more fully connect to others and our businesses.

There will be business strategy classes, goal-setting & discovering strength workshops, true priority discovery, action plan creation, bonding, business brainstorming, heated pools, laughter, growth, working days, clarity, solutions, delicious food, and so much more!

All of this is being offered for only $4,200!

If you sign up before December 16, 2022 and pay in full, you will get a bonus of six 30-minute 1:1 sessions (6 total, one per month).

Payment plans are available, six payments of $700.

Once your form is filled out an invoice will be sent to you through email. Since space will be limited, please make your payment within 24 hours of receiving your invoice to hold your spot.

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