60% More Success

Hey Friend!

I’m very new to tennis, and my husband, he hits a lot of corner shots that I just can’t get.

Determined to figure it out, I stared at the court, tried to understand what I was doing wrong or how I could improve my chances of getting his corner shots without getting any faster (because let’s be honest, I wasn’t going to get any faster in one day)

We had been playing for three entire weeks before my husband shared this tiny piece of knowledge that allowed me to go from hitting 10% of his corner shots to 70% in just one match.

“Get in the ready position and square your body to the person as they are hitting the return.”

That’s it… he told me to change my body position!

I don’t need to be faster,

I don’t need to be “better,”

do more, try harder,

or even improve my skills

to increase my success by 60%.

I just needed to make one tiny adjustment to how I prepared myself.

I preach that preparation is critical, but sometimes we need to ask for help to know how to prepare for more success!

Just like tennis, in business, there are many things that you can improve with a small piece of knowledge, a new stance, approach, or a different preparation tactic, that will increase your success exponentially!

When you know your TRUE priorities those things you can do become VERY apparent! That’s why determining your TRUE priorities is the first step in all my coaching.

Knowing your priorities is the clearest treasure map
for more time and success!!

Ready for more success without having to do more, be better, or work harder?