What’s a goal that you are proud of accomplishing?⁠

In 2019, while still teaching special education full-time, I made the goal to become a $100K+ coach while working in my life coaching business part-time and teaching school full-time. ⁠

When I made that goal, I didn’t know I would also be asked to serve as the president of my church’s women’s organization, adding 10+ hours of service to my already full week. ⁠

When we genuinely want to reach a goal, when were are a big fat 10, all-in, no matter how long it takes, and know the TRUE reasons we desire that goal, we will continue working towards that goal until it happens. ⁠ What goal are you currently all in on, a big fat 10, willing to take action till you reach the goal?    I bet, without even realizing it, you’re a 10 in your motherhood!  Willing to raise your kids, love them, teach them, and help them when they need it! Are you a 10 in your business?   A 10 on creating a schedule you love and will follow?   How about a 10 on finding the time to enjoy the life you’re so busy working on?   

I was a ten towards my 100K+ goal!  I kept working, trying new things, rearranging my time and schedule, said no to things that weren’t supporting my progress, showed up even when I was tired, and stayed consistent… and in 2020, I reached my goal! ⁠
 Because of Covid restrictions, The Life Coach School didn’t hold their award ceremony until last week, so this cute baby above didn’t belong to me until then! ⁠

When you are considering setting a goal, stop and ask yourself these questions below⁠ 1. Why do I want this goal?  Do I like my reasons for wanting to achieve this goal?  Are these reasons free from fears, what if’s, and “shoulds”?  2. Am I willing to stay committed?  Why? 3. What would get in the way of making it happen?   Am I willing to solve for (or work through) those obstacles? 

4. Am I committed to making it happen even if it takes longer than anticipated, even if something like covid or a big unexpected responsibility falls into the mix?⁠

If you don’t give up, it might take more time than you expected or happen in a way other than you planned, but it 100% it will happen! ⁠ If you are ready to take your business and life to the next level, be a big fat 10, and fear of time is what’s stopping you, I can solve for that!  I promise!!!

Why hire a coach?

I was recently called an amplifier by my coach and then by one of my incredible clients! ⁠

I wasn’t totally sure what that meant, so I had to look it up! ⁠

Here’s what I read.  “Amplifiers are people who bring out your best efforts. ⁠
⁠To perform at your best, amplifiers guide you through obstacles. ⁠
⁠They provide you with the tools needed to make decisions that will create opportunities.”⁠

Do you wish you had someone in your life to provide you with the tools you need to make powerful decisions, simplify action steps, hold you accountable, and help you have enough time to create greater business and life success? 

Are you using TIME to your advantage?

When I told her to get out of my drawer, she shouted in frustration, “But I need more socks!” ⁠

Knowing that I had just given her 12 new pairs for her February birthday, I knew she didn’t need more socks. ⁠

What she needed was to figure out what she was doing with her socks! ⁠

Time, unlike socks, is the greatest gift! ⁠

We don’t have to do ANYTHING for time, yet we get another, brand new, 24 hours each day! ⁠

If you think you need more time, you probably just need to know what you’re doing with your time and where/when you using it in places that doesn’t support the goals and desires you have for your business and motherhood. 

After my daughter left for school I quickly surveyed her room, closet, and under her bed and found more than 16 pairs of socks! ⁠ She didn’t need more socks!  

I do that type of sleuthing for my clients too! I I help you survey your day, time, business strategies and goals.  Maybe I don’t find your socks, but I help find you the thing you need more of… time! 😁⁠