Finding Your Strength

It was super embarrassing, felt very unkind, and bothered me when my mom told her friends these two things! ⁠

“Annie would make friends with a lamppost, and Ceri would question it.”⁠

“Ceri won’t ever just get in the car. She has to ask, where are we going, why are we going, when will we be back?”⁠

EVEN THOUGH I didn’t get how the adults around me didn’t realize my questions were me trying to understand, I still thought I was doing something wrong. I thought this must make me obnoxious, annoying, challenging, and a HUGE problem child! ⁠

However, my desire to question things, learn and understand the purpose behind actions and intentions has gotten me where I am today. ⁠

Questions help uncover my desires, knowledge, actual wants, refine my processes, beliefs, and understanding.

My questions help me make quick, decisive decisions full of clarity and excitement. ⁠

I still ask a lot of GOOD questions… But now it’s my career, and my clients benefit from my quick, always thinking, constantly planning, very curious mind. ⁠

My questions can help you get clarity, save time and money while developing the action plan to get the results you desire in your home and business! ⁠

Do you have a “perceived” weakness that has become a significant strength? ⁠