We’re all in this together!  

I was watching a show this past week on Netflix.  

The mom of the family sat down her children for an important announcement.  She told her boys, 

“I’m not just your mother; I am a member of this family. 
In this family, we don’t let each other settle for anything less than what we deserve. If I am going to ask that of you, I have to ask that of myself too.”

She then went on to explain to her kids that she had picked up an application to apply for college. She was going to get that degree that she had always wanted. 

As the mother of your family, are you holding your children to high expectations, dreaming big for them, sacrificing time and money to provide them with opportunities, rooting for their success, only to stop short when it comes to you? 

You are a member of your family.
You deserve the same opportunities to reach your goals as anyone!  

I built my life coaching practice while teaching school full-time, parenting my three children, and supporting my husband in his demanding career.   

I learned how to root for me.  

My children nor my husband took a back seat in their dreams, and neither did I. 

Who’s keeping you from reaching your goals? 

I’m rooting for you.  

I help show women how it’s possible to be the mother they want to be and go after their dreams.
I help them reach their goals without sacrificing their health, sleep, relationships, or motherhood. 

Let me show you how it’s possible for you. 

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Together we can discover why you’re not holding yourself and your dreams to the same high expectations you desire for your family.