Planning is Hassle Insurance

Yesterday, my client, a mom of 5 kids, an incredible wife, and someone that is working to grow a business said, “planning is such a hassle.” 

Heading to the school play, after only getting ½ your workout in, being 15 minutes late, with wet hair, no makeup, and mismatched shoes because you didn’t plan to work out earlier that morning, because you forgot about the play, that’s a hassle!

Not knowing what to fix for dinner, so you run home look in the fridge, then in the outside freezer, only to discover no viable ingredients, that’s a hassle!   So you run back out to get some take out, spend 25 minutes in the drive-through, only to come home and realize you got the wrong order, so you head back out to get what you really ordered, that’s a hassle! 

Scrambling to find someone to watch your kids, last minute, because you HAVE to go into work because your employee didn’t show, you know, the same one that asked for the day off, but you forgot to get someone to cover her shift, that’s a hassle.

Taking less than one hour each week to plan your schedule, your meals, your work-time, your down-time, your kid’s carpool schedules, I think that is NOT a hassle!

Planning is like buying hassle insurance! 

It’s your decision. Call it what you want, but I think planning is brilliant!